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Message from OCFP President Dr. Jennifer Young

Jennifer Young

Voicing the concerns of our colleagues: letter to the Minister of Health

Dear Colleagues,

Please see the link below to an open letter that we have sent to the Minister of Health asking her to “fix the billing issues that allow all offices to offer high-quality and safe care to their patients.” It is a follow up from our April 13 joint letter with the SGFP to the Director of OHIP. The situation has only become more dire this week as it seems payment may not be received until June or even July.  

I have spoken to my colleagues across Canada, many of whom are already receiving payment for their virtual care. I have no doubt that Ontario has the technological capacity and wherewithal to fix the computer glitch that appears to be delaying these payments.

Though this is not our usual mandate, I have heard from many of you about the financial impacts on your practices, and we cannot allow a situation whereby family doctors can no longer afford to care for their patients. That's a balancing act you should never have to make when stepping up during a crisis.

Yours in being Leaders for a Healthy Ontario,


Read the Open Letter