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Staying Safe

Renata Villela

When the COVID-19 pandemic came to the forefront in the late winter of this year, the consistent messaging became about the importance of staying home to reduce the transmission of the virus.  At the heart of the physical distancing restrictions was the idea that people would be safe in their homes.

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I went to our office for the first time in two months

Sharon Louise Cirone

Yesterday I went to our office for the first time in two months. In this practice, we see patients from a very vulnerable population who have mental health and addictions issues and disorders. Many are homeless and/or street involved and have significant histories of trauma, including experiencing loss as a result of the opioid epidemic.

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Why We Care: Saving Family Practice in the Community

Nili Kaplan-Myrth

There are an estimated 240 family physicians in a Fee-For-Service model in the Ottawa area, with a total roster of approximately 235,000 patients. I am just one of those family doctors, with a small clinic in central Ottawa in which I take care of 1,400 patients.

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Tired, worried and angry

Maxwell Sauder

I wrote the Premier, Minister Elliott and my local MPP on April 17 when I was tired and worried. I wrote again on April 23rd when I was angry.

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Samantha Hill

The alarm goes off.  I wake my kids, get them dressed, brush their teeth. I hug them a little longer than usual.  Run my hands through their hair. They get wiggly, and I let them out onto our balcony.  It’s an enclosed space off the third floor, about the size of a bedroom.   It’s fresh air, a space to be loud (sorry neighbours!) and some vitamin D.

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A new doctor shares her story

Navneet Randhawa

I am a new physician in my first year of practice. I joined a family practice in Mississauga in January 2020. Like so many other new physicians, I was very excited to start working, move forward with my life and finally be financially and medically independent as so many young physicians are post residency after years and years of studying. 

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Joining the front lines

Jessica Summerfield

I have not seen my family in 42 days. I am happily married with beautiful twin seven year-old girls.

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This is my new normal

Nathan Lee Sacevich

After putting my five-year-old daughter to bed tonight, I proceeded to my garage to fill a bucket with diluted bleach and sanitize my respirator, again.  This is my new normal.

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I'm a family doctor doing comprehensive family medicine

Priya Suppal

I am a family doctor doing comprehensive family medicine in Brampton for the last 26 years. I represent a group of 20 doctors and together we look after almost 60,000 family practice patients. We also look after additional patients in our urgent care clinic that operates seven days a week who come in from our surrounding communities: Georgetown, Bolton, Orangeville and Milton.

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One Surgeon’s Struggles

Sarah Ward

Academic surgeons work incredibly hard under usual circumstances, contributing to high-quality care and also training the next generation of surgeons, who will be providing care for Ontarians in the decades to come.

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